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We are still making online orders for customized and predesigned Zenit Journals on our website,

For FREE: We are also posting a different wellness-related journaling prompt everyday on our Instagram, follow us @ZenitJournals.

Our daily prompts can be used for your own self-care as well as for writing/reflecting activities for kids as they are homeschooled. Save the prompts you like, and when you’re ready, you can get a custom Zenit Journal with the prompts you like in your Zenit.

Zenit makes custom wellness journals to support your mental health and wellness. Whether you’re looking to reduce your stress, navigating a life change, or seeking to get to know yourself better, your Zenit Journal is your personal sidekick in your wellness journey, because it’s designed by you, for you.

How does it work? On our website,, we offer a menu of inspiring journal covers AND wellness-related journaling prompts. You choose the prompts that speak to you, and we hand-make and deliver your custom journal that has your desired prompts on the inside pages.

Whether you love journaling or haven’t been able to keep up journaling in the past, Zenit is for you. Choosing your own prompts makes journaling easier and more effective. This is a journal that asks you the exact right questions for what you need, because it’s YOU in the pages.

Learn more and order your Zenit at

Zenit is owned by Alina Liao, proud daughter of immigrants and DC resident. Alina was inspired to launch Zenit from her own struggles with mental health, having grown up in an environment where mental health was not a thing. She empathizes deeply with others who have felt that mental health and wellness “is not for me.” Alina launched Zenit with the mission to make wellness accessible to everyone.


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