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Is Virtual Organizing right for you? Are you….

• I am motivated for change and have a willingness to learn.
• I’m ready & committed to doing the hands-on work while I’m at home.
• Perfect if you’re tired of reading DIY organizing books or watching TV shows but not seeing the success when you try it alone.

To be successful you must match the following criteria.
• I am familiar with using email (including sending and receiving attachments such as photographs).
• I have access to one of these: FaceTime, Facebook live, Skype, Zoom, etc for the virtual sessions while following verbal instructions.

Virtual Home Organizing Service

Stuck at home and want to get organized? We can help! We’re an award winning team of professional organizers who can help busy home owners.

We can help you organize any room in your home! Tackle your paper clutter, closet, home office, dining room, garage, etc.

Product Types
Online Education/Tutoring, Other
Fulfillment Options
Gift Cards, Live Video, Online
Phone Number
(202) 249-8330