Brightwood (DC)

Tarot on Wheels

  6218 Georgia Ave N.W., Unit #1075 Washington, DC 20011 (Directions)

My classic service is a 1-on-1 Tarot reading. I provide a workbook to process the reading and a week after the reading, we will have a check-in call.

As a published author, I use Tarot cards in my creative writing process. Are you an aspiring author with big story dreams? Me and the Tarot can help you!

Do you crave more time for yourself, to focus on what YOU want? Do you feel depleted and unmoored in these turbulent times? A Tarot reading can help! Tarot is an excellent tool for self-care and I would be honored to act as your guide.

I am a Tarot reader. Typically, I am a mobile Tarot reader but during this public health crisis, I offer readings online. I provide a loving boost of self-discovery with the Tarot. I offer classic readings, as well as specialized readings for authors (as I am a published author myself). I also lead sold-out Tarot for fiction writing workshops.

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