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Beeswax taper pairs:
Hand-dipped 100% beeswax tapers in 5″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ lengths in the natural honey color of the beeswax. Beeswax candles give off a beautiful bright glow and gentle honey fragrance, are naturally drip-less, burn much longer than conventional candles, and burn clean – emitting no soot or toxins
Cotton wick drenched in beeswax shaped like little spaghetti balls. Our fire-starters help light your fire frustration free without the use of artificial chemicals – the beeswax burns hot and the cotton slowly making them a perfect aid to starting a fire in the fireplace, grill, or campsite fire-pit
Beeswax ornaments:
Hand-made leaf, flower, snowflake and star-shaped ornaments
made of 100% beeswax with ribbon loops. An old German and Eastern European tradition! Beautiful decorative items which also give a mild honey aroma to the area around them. They also help keep linen closets or drawers fresh

IS A Candle, a woman-owned artisanal candle-making business based in Washington DC, produces hand-dipped 100% beeswax tapers, ornaments and fire-starters. I source the highest quality beeswax from regional beekeepers. The quality of the beeswax, combined with careful dipping at higher than average temperatures make for a clear, luminous appearance and an extremely clean, drip-less and long lasting burn. On this journey I have learned about the marvels of beeswax for quality candles and for our health. It has allowed me to pursue the dream of making something both beautiful and useful that, hopefully, will help others find a moment of calm and connection in the middle of our hectic digital age.
It all began with an unsuccessful search for decorated Greek Easter candles. That search and my desire to use an all natural product led to my adventures in making beeswax candles. I remembered the joy of making hand-dipped candles as a kid in Germany. A year of research, practicing techniques, and visits to the chandlers in Colonial Williamsburg followed, until I found a method that allowed me to produce beautiful, high quality tapers, including in hard to find lengths.
Early on, I was approached by folks who loved beeswax candles and their gentle honey aroma but for various reasons could not have an open flame. In trying to bridge that gap I was reminded of the German tradition of making ornaments out of beeswax. Not only are they a lovely decorative element, but they also add warmth to a room with the subtle aroma of beeswax as well as help keep linen closets fresh.

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