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Gabrielle Czaja, PT Inc.

  4601 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 4 Washington, DC 20008 (Directions)

This is what we can do together with video or audio appointments:

  • Create the best strategy for your body posture for working from home.
  • Decrease pain and stiffness from not moving around as much as usual.
  • Assess your home work-station so you can feel your best and think more clearly.
  • Analyze and improve movement patterns while walking and lifting (are you cleaning out closets or the garage? gardening?)
  • Assess and improve form and technique for safe, injury-free exercise.
  • Refresh an existing exercise program or develop a new one.
  • Develop daily self-care solutions to ensure optimal well-being.
  • Plan Ahead- so that you are ready to return to the office, school, gym/exercise class in a better, healthier place than before!
  • Are you a previous client? We can do a refresher, tune-up, and move you forward!

Gabrielle Czaja’s intuitive gifts as a healer empower her clients to understand their own bodies, providing them with tools to recover fully from inuury, prevent pain, mitigate stress and learn best postural strategies. Unique as both a Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique teacher, her extensive knowledge encompasses the vast complexity of the body, its interconnections, and the science-based techniques for increasing muscle strength and enhancing flexibility, coordination and endurance.  Gabrielle partners with adults, children and their parents, listening deeply to what is happening in one’s life and body. This ensures that you recover quickly and completely, and develop confidence in your body.

To all her clients: “You have everything you need to heal. Our task is to
set up the conditions in the body so it can do what it already knows
how to do”.

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Educational Supplies and Activities, Health and Physical Wellness, Physical and Mental Therapy
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Live Video, Online
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(202) 223-4943