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In GabbyL Fitness COVID workouts, you and an unlimited number of friends can join in from anywhere in the world with Zoom. The goals in her experiences are to stay in the moment, find peace, and work together towards something that is bigger than any individual person. Here are the variety of classes that are offered (first class always FREE):

  1. HIIT/Meditation: Stay strong. Keep Calm: A cohort that meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm EST for high intensity interval training, followed by a peaceful meditation. Think exercising both your body AND mind! Price = $45/week

  2. Core & Booty: Resilient AF Core & Booty workouts is a drop-in-only class Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm EST. We move to the beat to fire up your glutes and core…working to get COVID-shred. Price = $12/class

  3. Low-Impact/Meditation: This low-impact workout is for folks that do not want a lot of stress on their joints. Every Monday and Wednesday at 11am EST and 5pm EST. With a mix of strength-training, core, and to-the-beat exercises, the workout will get your heart pumping without the stress. Price = $12/class

  4. Meditation: Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30am EST, start your day off feeling awake and in-your-body ready to take on what the day has in store. For 30 minutes, we join as a community to breath and release tension. Price = $18/week, $10 drop-in

To sign up for any GabbyL Fitness class, please fill out this Google Form ( to get access to the sign-up and community platform. Yes, we bond as a community even outside of the workouts!

Questions? Ask Gabby on ig @gabbyl_fitness or

Looking forward to “seeing” you soon and supporting you in staying healthy & peaceful in this strange time 🙂

Join GabbyL Fitness classes virtually every weekday for community, sweat, fun, and peace. Gabby (@gabbyl_fitness) is a full-time experienced group fitness instructor in DC who is just like you: working to stay connected, happy, and healthy in this uncertain time. Prior to COVID-19, Gabby taught in-person classes at SWEAT DC and Cyclebar NoMa. Now, she continues to teach online at SWEAT DC and her own Zoom platform!

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