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Debt Rescue Law founded by Sandy Van is an experienced and award-winning lawyer in Nevada, USA. She is having experience in handling clients related to bankruptcy, Loan modification, shot loan modification, business ligation, real estate settlement, debt settlement, foreclosures.

We provide innovative solutions with 27/7 hours of client support. We’re negotiating the debt settlement since 2007. presenting clients in bankruptcy, credit card settlement, loan modification.

Our full-service law firm provides real solutions to help relieve the stress that accompanies financial woes. We will listen to your situation, consider your goals, and help you get control of your financial future.

Many homeowners are faced with unforeseen circumstances, which can cause them to be unable to pay their mortgage payments. Once a homeowner gets several payments behind, the mortgage holder may initiate foreclosure proceedings. In this case, it’s a better way to find the best foreclosure attorney in Las Vegas to fix all your property relate issues under the guidance of experienced attorneys. If you need help then at call at +1 833 707-1234 to book an appointment with our attorney now

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