Southwest Waterfront (DC)

Big League Performance and Rehab

  1525 Half St SW Washington, DC 20024 (Directions)

-Get a full, 30 minute long assessment with one of our Doctors in the comfort of your own home.
-These are all medical professionals who have an extensive background in strength/conditioning work at the Division I and professional athletics levels.
-We watch you move through a proprietary assessment to pin point your biggest limitations in movement and mobility.

-You will also be taught how to correct the most glaring problems found with a custom plan.

A combination of performance physical therapy and strength and conditioning specifically designed to get you back to what you love to do quicker!

Our philosophy is that everybody deserves the Big League Treatment. That’s why we named our practice Big League Performance + Rehab. It’s really our way of saying we help everyone reach their potential. That could be running a 5k, picking your kids up without pain or getting back to playing tennis with your friends again. Embrace it. You’re an athlete!

Product Types
Health and Physical Wellness, Physical and Mental Therapy
Fulfillment Options
Gift Cards, Live Video, Online
Phone Number
(202) 524-0899